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Formerly KC Math Knowledge Catalyst Education Of Excellence KCEE 翹楚教育, established in 1992 (formerly K&C Education Centre 啓思學習中心 located at 350 Hwy 7 East in Richmond Hill), has been offering well-planned enrichment and tutoring programs in Mathematics, Sciences and English to students from elementary grades to high school credit courses.

Now at physical locations in Markham and Richmond Hill in Ontario and virtually online everywhere, KCEE continues to embrace the mission to inspire and build the knowledge for the future of our students. Throughout the past decades, our dedicated owners/tutors have been researching and enhancing the program material to outperform the changing needs in nowadays' education system. Incorporating the richness of the program material, our dedicated owners and tutors lead the knowledge and confidence to students and facilitate students' academic challenges. Most recently, 100% of KCEE graduating students were admitted to the top rated universities in Canada and US.

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With our mission to keep our students to learn in advance and be the best in school, our classes are taught according to the Ontario Curriculum with the adjustment of enriched teaching materials. We offer enrichment tutorial classes in the major academic subjects such as Mathematics, English and Science.

By attending weekly classes in a very small group or private lesson one-on-one taught by our dedicated tutors with in-class and at-home practice, students will develop a solid foundation to solve problems. KCEE Math and Science Enrichment Program is designed to nourish students’ mathematical, logical and scientific thinking. And KCEE English Literary Program is designed to strengthen students in reading, vocabularies, writing, comprehension, speech & presentation, grammar and use of words. As they learn to apply the technique in more challenging ways, their skills and confidence will grow.

Every summer, we offer the learn ahead Advanced Study Summer Programs for elementary students and secondary school students.

We also offer programs such as the preparation courses for the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT), IB Entrance Exam, and Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) exam.

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It's not magic! It is the relentless pursuit of excellence and the quality teaching that serve as catalysts to produce A-grade students.

Student Testimonial

Matthew W.

Despite only spending a few months with KCEE, they have managed to improve my grades drastically when compared to my grades in grade 11. The relentless support and encouragement from my KCEE tutors gave me lots of confidence to continue and strive for excellence in my grade 12 year. Without this great support, I don't think it would have been possible to make it to the ever prestigious program of engineering at the University of Waterloo.

Student Testimonial

Ameer D.

I have been at KCEE for 9 years. I would like to thank KCEE teachers (the Chow family) for their teaching and guidance. KCEE has been an integral part of my academic success and has allowed me to differentiate myself through math contests and Advanced Placement courses. Thanks to the knowledge and work ethic that has been instilled in me, KCEE will continue to assist me past graduation as I move on to university.

Student Testimonial

Jonah C.

I have been learning here at KCEE for twelve years, and now that I am moving on to university, I realize how valuable my time here has been to me. I have no doubt in my mind that I can and will contribute my success in both school and life to KCEE. I want to thank my dedicated instructors, the Chow family, for supporting me all this time. I am extremely grateful.

Student Testimonial

Wen Yi Y.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my six years of learning with KCEE. The friendly and encouraging teachers have taught me how important it is to train and develop skills to solve math problems since the seventh grade. With the help of extra math classes, I was always ahead of school and prepared for tests and exams. The teachers always kept themselves up-to-date with the school schedule and curriculum to ensure that any material would not be missed. I cannot thank the KCEE family enough for the wonderful experience that they have given me, and I will always remember the help and guidance that I have received from them.

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