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Maggie W.

I have been at KCEE for 6 years now. I struggled at math in school so my parents decided to bring me here. KCEE prepared me for math at school because they would teach me the topics in advance. Now, my math mark is one of the highest among the class. Thank you KCEE.

Stanley W.

KCEE has been a great help to me in my math courses and has set a solid foundation in mathematics for me in the future. I took calculus and advanced functions together in the same semester, and KCEE definitely helped me survive and do well. Thank you KCEE!

Sammi N.

Mr. Chow is an excellent teacher who always answered my questions whenever I needed help. I am also proud to say my marks have improved ever since I started tutoring at KCEE. Thanks for all your help, Mr. Chow!

Arshad O.

Before joining KCEE lessons, I could not quite grasp what I was taught in school. Mr. Chow´s tutoring cleared up my issues and put my fears to rest.

Derek C.

I have been at KCEE since grade eight and I can honestly say that my math skills have definitely improved. When I came to KCEE, I was overconfident because I had one well in my old school without putting in much effort. Through the tutelage of the teachers at KCEE, I developed a much stronger foundation for my math skills and established better habits through many drills. I moved on and began to learn things beyond my grade level to better prepare myself for the years ahead. Many thanks to Mr. Chow, Mrs. Chow, and Ms. Chow for all their help over these past four years.

Allana H.

When I first moved to Richmond Hill in grade 10, I was still adapting to the new environment and having trouble keeping up with school ~ especially Math. After enrolling in KCEE, I instantly felt more confident and loved solving problems. KCEE has evolved my feelings towards Math and taught me to approach problems in different ways. The teachers are extremely helpful and supportive which contributes immensely when trying to improve on a tough subject. By learning at KCEE I solved problems more often and became more confident in answering questions at school and helping my classmates. It is safe to say that KCEE ultimately helped me choose a university program because of my newfound passion for Math. Thanks KCEE!

Cynthia N.

KCEE helped me strengthen my understanding and basic foundation of my math skills. After lots and lots of practice, I am more confident approaching challenging math problems and am ready to embrace them again at University. Thank you Mr. and Ms. Chow for putting in the patience and support into teaching me these past 4 years. I will always be grateful for how you broadened by perspective on Math by making it very fun to learn.

Nicole N.

Before KCEE I had a lot of difficulty retaining and understanding the material taught at school so my grades had become quite poor. However, through the dedicated teachings of Mr. Chow, Mrs. Chow, Ms. Chow, and Ms. Chow, I had not only started to excel in my math courses, but all my other courses as well. They are truly the best and most honest teachers I have ever had. Thank you KCEE, I truly would not be where I am today without you.

Imran V.

Before KCEE, I was struggling with my curriculum; I was not getting as high marks in school. Over 4 years at KCEE gave me a head start at my curriculum, preparing me for the next grade. This is helping me achieve many achievements in school, like writing the CNML contest and achieving 3rd place out of 45 students. I did not have to think as much. I knew a lot of the answers, letting me place very high. KCEE is teaching me how to do a lot of things as far as now I´m ready to move to a higher rank with all of the knowledge I am gaining at KCEE! Thank you Miss Chow!

Rainbow L.

Before KCEE I was struggling with language. I used to get B+, B, and B- in it. Soon, when I joined KCEE and had classes with Ms. Raymond and Ms. Chow, my average language mark bumped up to an A-. Through a year of KCEE language classes, I became more confident in my reading and writing assignments in school. I am very happy and grateful for all the effort you put into teaching me. In math, I was pretty good at it in school, but sometimes I would just mess up completely and end up getting a lower score than I expected. Once I joined KCEE for math, I worked through a ton of practices. Soon, in school, I got lots of perfects and A+s. Thank you KCEE for my improvements.

Tom Y.

With KCEE and the help of both Mr. Chow and Ms. Chow, I was able to achieve the marks of 99% and 100% in Grade 11 Functions (MCR3U) and Grade 12 Advanced Functions (MHF4U), respectively. The teachers were extremely supportive and offered flexible schedules and programing to suit my personal, specific needs. Without their help, I expect that I would have had a harder time with the mathematical concepts at school.

Kevin C.

My time at KCEE has taught me many things. Not only have I been taught key mathematical concepts, but I have developed valuable work habits and studying skills. These six years with Mr. and Mrs. Chow have been extremely beneficial to my education. With their help, math has become, and is currently, one of my strongest subjects.

Rodney C.

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and personally thank everyone at KCEE. I especially want to thank Mr. Chow for all of his positive encouragement and support for a successful high school year!

Alevia Y.

Halfway through my Calculus course, I was on the verge of failing, so I joined KCEE. After a few weeks of tutoring and practice, everything was so much clearer to me. Without KCEE, I probably would have failed Calculus. Thank you!

Zephanie C.

Have been in KCEE´s tutor sessions since Gr 5. I have gained extensive skills in logical thinking, problem solving and critical thinking. I have gained valuable knowledge and I would like to specially thank Mr. Chow and Ms. Chow for the help and support throughout my high school years. Thanks to all the staff for the successes through my high school years.

Shing T.

The past six years at KCEE have been very beneficial in helping me develop strong foundations in both math and study habits. Under the guidance of both Mr. & Mrs. Chow, I was well prepared for any problems that my teachers might throw at me. The lessons and skills I have learned at KCEE will continue to benefit me in future years as a student and in the workforce. Thank you for everything!

Frankie K.

The five years I have spent at KCEE have been very influential in my academic results. With the friendly staff, dedicated instructors, and perfect environment, I have developed a unique attachment to KCEE. I feel that my time with KCEE has greatly contributed to my past achievements and will be beneficial to my future endeavors.

Sherry C.

KCEE has definitely boosted my confidence in math. They have provided me with countless resources where I can practice calculus and vectors, and it is that variety that expands my knowledge, thinking, and problem solving. Not only have they taught me the basics in high school math, they also provided me with a sneak-peek of university. Thank you KCEE for helping me advance in my dream career!

Simon Z.

My time here at KCEE has been a memorable experience with the staff and teachers. Mr. Chow has certainly taken math to the next level. He has made it fun and enjoyable as well as easy to learn. I have learned a lot from my time here. I recommend KCEE for anyone willing to learn and to have fun.

Samantha Y.

I have studied at KCEE since grade 2 and it has helped me develop a strong foundation in mathematics. Throughout high school, I have achieved over 90% in all my math courses due to the knowledge I gained at KCEE. I am very happy with the teaching here because it has allowed me to succeed in high school and will carry me through university. Thanks for everything!

Eric S.

My time here at KCEE has been invaluable towards the successful attainment for my academic goals. I applaud Mr Chow for his careful and instructive lessons, which are thorough to a degree that far exceeds instructor in high school classrooms. I have enjoyed learning at KCEE. It has built a solid foundation on what I rest my past, present and future achievements.

John M.

I have been with KCEE so long... They have trained me in abstract thought and to function at a faster speed than most of the my classmates in day school. The strong teaching and challenging questions have built to help me become acdemically stronger. Thank you, KCEE, for helping me survive my math and chemistry courses throughout high school!

Celina D.

I have been attending KCEE for six years since I was in Grade 7, and I must say that it has been the crux of my academic success in school. KCEE prepared me for course material in school, ahead of time. My attendance at this institution has allowed for me to acquire a most admirable skill set to help me succeed in my university studies. After giving my parents a difficult time about extra math classes, for 4 years, I am finally able to fully appreciate all that KCEE has done for me. I would like to thank both Mr. and Mrs. Chow for their unwavering dedication and support.

Melvin C.

I have attended KCEE since I was in Grade 1. I was always been ahead, learning new material at KCEE a year before I would learn them in my day school. This has helped me a lot, especially in my upper high school years. although committing three hours a week for the past year or so has required a lot of dedication and was stressful at times, I believe it was definitely worth it. For something as abstract, complicated, and deep as calculus, the additional exposure and practice only produced better results. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Chow and staff of KCEE.

Melissa C.

Thank you Mr. Chow for your wonderful math classes. Your dedication to improving your students' mathematical knowledge has certainly benefited me. I have continually strive for excellence and thanks to your teaching, I have managed to obtain high marks in my mathematical courses. Thank you for all your efforts!

Minnie C.

In the past few years that I have spent here at KCEE, Mr. Chow has taught me more than just math, but many skills needed in everyday life as well. KCEE has prepared me for every math class in school and has made learning a much more wonderful experience than before. Thank you to Mr. Chow, as well as all the KCEE staff for taking care of me for the past few years.

Isobel T.

Before I came to KCEE, I was not getting the marks I needed to be accepted into the university program I desired. Ever since I joined to KCEE, Mr. Chow has helped me improve on my learning skills in the areas of math. Thank you Mr. Chow! I am able to get into my first choice program for university and I have learned a lot during my time here.

Allen H.

Since I began KCEE when I was in Grade 5, I have been improving in my studies much faster than expected. The lessons are easy to learn and the teachers are very supportive. The classes I took here had taught me for more than the ones in school.

Jacky L.

Since joining KCEE in 2002 when I was in Grade 5, I have noticed excellent results along the way. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Chow for their teachings that allowed me to succeed in all areas of mathematics at school. The knowledge and work habits I have developed at KCEE will inevitably last a lifetime. Mathematics have become a key aspect in most areas of study, and I feel completely prepared as I enter University next year.

Maryann T.

My last 12 years at KCEE have been an enriching experience which I will carry with me to university. I must admit that I will miss the welcoming and heartwarming walls of this wonderful establishment but most of all I will treasure the invaluable knowledge I have gained through KCEE. Thank you to the staff of KCEE for a wonderful 12 years, for helping me achieve my past academia, and leading me to my future success in university.

Amy C.

Thank you for your guidance for these past three years, marked by countless achievement. You have assisted with establishing a firm foundation, filling me with confidence, demonstrated by the many successes I have had in school. The success of your teaching formula was proven through excellent results in many Math Contests. With you as an excellent example, I wish to emulate your teaching figure through tutoring others. I have achieved the status of both becoming a regular tutor as well as a special assignment tutor. Your guidance allowed for continued excellence throughout my three years in High School in the IB program. These valuable years with KCEE will definitely be an important factor as I take on the challenge of mathematics at the university level

Andy C.

Looking back at my education at KCEE, there is not a doubt in my mind that the countless number of hours spent learning within the institution was well worth every second of my time. As a KCEE student of more than a decade, I feel that KCEE is more than just a classroom; it is a second home. In retrospect of the past, my experience at KCEE has unquestionably helped me to develop into the person I am today. It has taught me essential life skills such as patience, perseverance, and most importantly, problem-solving skills and devoted work habits. The education quality of KCEE is just as its name implies. It is an education of excellence; a catalyst of knowledge and learning. What I learned at KCEE has greatly assisted me in succeeding in academic life, and has allowed me to achieve marks that I would have never been able to achieve on my own. Although I specialized in learning mathematics at the institution, the working habits and skills I developed at KCEE has helped me to persevere in all subject areas of my academic career. Thank you KCEE, and thank you Mr. Chow, for being such a dedicated instructor and mentor.

Jeffrey H.

Thanks KCEE for two great years. It has introduced various questions and problems which will help me in my post secondary education. Thanks to Mr. Chow for his hard work and dedication to his students.

Jeffrey I.

I can honestly say that KCEE has helped me greatly throughout my 4 years of high school and it definitely provided me with the education I need for future success. Great thanks to KCEE and especially Mr. Chow, who dedicated his time to teaching and helping me through my studies.

Vivian H.

Thank you KCEE for always allowing me to challenge myself so that I can strive for excellence in mathematics. Not only do I feel prepared entering post-secondary education, I am confident that I will also achieve great results because of KCEE. Thanks again.

Melissa L.

Thanks to my time here at KCEE, my mathematics abilities have strongly advanced, allowing me to achieve almost 100% in every math course and high scores in all math competitions I have participated in. Thank you Mr. Chow.

Stephanie L.

Taking tutor lessons at KCEE has been extremely helpful, especially in acquiring the marks required for university admissions. Both Mr. and Mrs. Chow offer an ideal learning environment, exceptional education, professional guidance, and practical exercises to assist their students in working to their potentials. I truly appreciate them for improving my knowledge and skills that would be beneficial when pursuing my career in the future.

Jacky T.

Thanks to KCEE, I have never had to worry about my math courses in school. I always know what to do in classes because I had already learned the material here at KCEE ahead of time. It really made my life a lot easier and saved me time from studying.

Andrew W.

The time spent here at KCEE has been extremely helpful in preparing myself for high school, and ultimately university. The knowledge acquired here has always been an asset that has reinforced my school work. Being in the KCEE environment constantly challenges students to strive to reach their potential. KCEE has taught me a lot and has played a significant role in the pursuit of my future endeavors. Thanks for everything.

Melody L.

KCEE, Mr & Mrs Chow, Thank you for all the years you've been worked with me to improve my skills as a Math student. All the endless drilling has paid off, and I know that I'm well prepared for university level Math. I hope your future Math graduates will come to appreciate as much as I do. Thanks once again

Greta P.

Your Program helped me get well prepared for the Math in University level. I really appreciated your dedicated guidance over the years.

Margaret and Jennifer.

Thank you for being such an excellent teacher to us over the years. We really appreciate your expertise and guidance in enhancing our Math skills in school.

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