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Math Program of Excellence
Science Program of Excellence
Fundamental Science Program ~ Grade 9 (SNC1D) and Grade 10 (SNC2D)
The Science Program enables students to develop an essential understanding of concepts in PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY, and EARTH SCIENCE. Students will gain strong fundamental skills in Grade 9 and 10 Science and will be provided with course insights, sufficient practice and session tests by KCEE instructors to tackle the theory and application problems.
Scope of topics:
  • Fundamental Ecology and Ecosystems
  • Energy and Matter
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Weather Systems
  • Physics of Motion
Advanced Science Program ~ Grade 11 & 12
Physics, Chemistry and Biology courses for students to develop advanced knowledge and scientific-inquiry skills to outperforming in Grade 11 & 12 courses. KCEE instructors will provide curriculum insight and strategy for Physics, Chemistry and Biology studies. Effective exercises will be supplied along with challenging tests to measure progress.

Scope of topics for Grade 11 Physics (SPH3U):
  • Laws of Dynamics
  • Quantification and Transformation of Energy
  • Wave and Sound
  • Matter-Energy Interface
  • Electricity, Gravitation and Magnetism
Scope of topics for Grade 12 Physics (SPH4U):
  • Forces and Motion Dynamics
  • Energy and Momentum
  • Electric, Gravitational and Magnetic Fields
  • The Wave Nature of Light
  • Matter-Energy Interface
Scope of topics for Grade 11 Chemistry (SCH3U):
  • Safety and Matter
  • Atoms, Molecules and Ions
  • Quantitative Chemistry
  • Gases
  • Solutions
  • Hydrocarbons and Energy
Scope of topics for Grade 12 Chemistry (SCH4U):
  • Bonding
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Thermodynamics
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Equilibrium Reactions
  • Acid and Base
  • Redox Reactions
Scope of topics for Grade 11 Biology (SBI3U):
  • Diversity of Living Things
  • Evolution
  • Genetics
  • Animal Functions
  • Plants - Anatomy, Growth, Function
Scope of topics for Grade 12 Biology (SBI4U):
  • Energy
  • DNA
  • Homeostasis
  • Evolution
  • Plants

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