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KCEE Newsletter
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Testimonials of Student Achievements

KCEE Newsletter


100% of our grade 12 students received admission offers to the top ranked university programs with strong academic performance. Most of them received early admission offers and scholarships. This year, the popular programs of choice appear to be the Engineering, Business and Life Sciences Program at University of Waterloo, McMaster University and University of Toronto. All of these programs require A-grade in the courses of Math, Science and Languages.

"When I first moved to Richmond Hill in grade 10, I was still adapting to the new environment and having trouble keeping up with school ~ especially math. After enrolling in KCEE, I instantly felt more confident and loved solving problems. KCEE has evolved my feelings towards math and taught me to approach problems in different ways. The teachers are extremely helpful and supportive which contributes immensely when trying to improve on a tough subject. By learning at KCEE I solved problems more often and became more confident in answering questions at school and helping my classmates. It is safe to say that KCEE ultimately helped me choose a university program because of my newfound passion for math. Thanks KCEE!"
Allana Hu - Co-op Double Degree Business Administration and Mathematics, University of Waterloo

"Before joining KCEE lessons, I couldn´t quite grasp what I was taught in school. Mr. Chow´s tutoring cleared up my issues and put my fears to rest."
Arshad Ousmand - Computer Science, York University

"From learning calculus to learning life lessons, KCEE has given me an insurmountable amount of help. Through the teachings of Mr. Chow, I have improved my thinking and perception on both Mathematics and the world. His lessons have helped me improve in school and outside of school. Through constant practice and worksheets, my critical thinking and problem solving of Mathematics has greatly improved. Through Mr. Chow´s knowledge and experience, my understanding of the world has also improved. Mr. Chow is both a mentor and teacher to me. Under Mr. Chow I have learned a lot. When I first started at KCEE my skills were like an unoiled machine, all slow and rusty. However, as I progressed, the gears started to move better, the joints seemed smoother, and I started to become better. KCEE has lived up to its name. It is a catalyst for the success of students. The unseen aid is the most helpful. Thank you KCEE."
Hunter Su - Cognitive Science, Carleton University

"KCEE has helped me tremendously over the years. They introduced me to topics early on so I am ready and confident when the topics are taught at school. They sufficiently prepared me with lessons, classwork, homework and tests to ensure my success in school. I am grateful and I appreciate everything KCEE has done for me."
Jessica Ip - University of Iowa

"My time at KCEE has taught me many things. Not only have I been taught key mathematical concepts, but I have developed valuable work habits and studying skills. These six years with Mr. and Mrs. Chow have been extremely beneficial to my education. With their help, math has become, and is currently, one of my strongest subjects."
Kevin Chan - Business Administration, Wilfred Laurier University

It´s not magic! It is relentless effort and proven programs that serve as catalysts to produce A-grade students! For more testimonials of student achievements, visit our office or our webpage at http://www.kcee.ca/testimonial.html.

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