About KCEE

KCEE delivers high quality learning programs to students by effective quality teaching and insightful knowledge of curriculum. Our goal is to lead our students to achieve high standard in school and to be qualified for the universities of choice.

At locations in Markham and Richmond Hill of Ontario, Knowledge Catalyst Education of Excellence (KCEE) offers well-planned enrichment and tutoring programs in Mathematics, Sciences, English and French to students from elementary grades to high school credit courses.

KCEE embraces the mission to inspire and build the knowledge for the future of our students. Throughout the past decades, our dedicated instructors have been researching and enhancing the program material to outperform the changing needs in nowadays' education system. Incorporating the richness of the program material, our dedicated owners and instructors lead the knowledge and confidence to students and facilitate students' academic challenges. Most recently, 100% of KCEE graduating students were admitted to the top rated universities in Canada and US.