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    • Enriched homework and classwork
    • Weekly test to measure progress
    • Dedicated experienced instructors
    • Insightful curriculum coverage
    • Complimentary placement test and consultation
Math Program of Excellence
School Work Tutoring Program for ESL
English Literacy Program
Grade 1 to 9
High-Level English Program
Grade 10 to 12
KCEE's English Literacy Program will augment English language skills. In small classes, our dedicated tutors will provide an interactive approach and enrichment materials to strengthen students in This program will improve students' English language skills for high school. Our tutor will create lessons and provide material specific to each student's individual needs, strengthening them in areas such as:
  • Grammar
  • Use of words
  • Comprehension
  • Composition

Students will develop proficiency and accuracy in the understanding and use of the English language. As they learn to apply the language in more challenging ways, their skills and confidence will grow.

  • Argument Building
  • Essay Writing
  • Literature Analysis and Critiques
  • Writing Style
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